The Team

Michael Searles - Bootcamp Instructor

Personal Trainer for over 8 years, with aqualifications in Nutrition and Exercise Science. He has trained over 100 people in reaching their goals, avoiding injury and in attaining their fullest potential!

Haden Searles - Range Officer

CPF Chairperson for over 7 years. He has also been a Police Officer for over 20 years, with experience in various martial arts, self defense and Firearms Training. Haden also qualified as a Finalist in the 2005 IDPA Shooting Competition and has had personally dealt with many of the top Instructors, Knife Makers, Special Forces Members around the globe, designing and manufacturing Kydex Holsters to the very best.

Greg Kidgell - Instructor

Also a qualified Personal Trainer, his list of qualifications are: 11 + years in the security industry, an Army Officer since 2012, involved with Martial Arts and Body-guarding and was also a part of the 2010 Soccer World Cup Reaction Force. Greg also boasts a Silver Medal for 9mm Pistol and has 5 + years in protection services, in the rural/township areas. He is also an Avid Airsofter for last 4 years!

Our Mission

Climb over a wall, do some squats and deadlifts, shoot a few targets, grab a tyre and haul it across an open terrain…without being shot!

With more than thirty years experience in the law enforcement and fitness industries, our expert trainers have collaborated to bring you the ultimate team-building experience. Shoot-Fit is where these two specialties come together in a world of action, precision and adrenaline-pumping excitement.

Combining boot-camp training and functional, strong-man exercises with precision shooting of reactive targets, Shoot-Fit offers a unique series of innovative obstacle courses that will inspire and improve your physical health in the process.

Whether you’re a die-hard gym junkie or a not-so-brave, a course has been designed with you in mind. A variety of packages means there’s something to suit all ages, fitness levels and budgets.

Shoot-Fit is an innovative way to get fit…and have a whole lot of fun. Experience a sense of personal achievement and team-building camaraderie in a well-organised, professional environment.

Our Weapons of Choice