Tactical Training

Tactical Shooting Training using Airsoft and I Combat Laser Tag with Reactive Targets and immersive dynamic Training scenarios.


In Kill House, there is no exercise addition, only shooting through various drills and scenarios. Have the experience of training with I-Combat and Airsoft equipment against our reactive Targets. Be immersed in a dynamic and lively experience!

Shooting + Training

The Qualifier. Fully dynamic shooting drills with Strongman Exercises. Lift, Run, Aim and Shoot! Challenge yourself mentally and physically with our Airsoft, I Combat Laser Tag, Reactive Targets and State of the Art Equipment!

Boot Camp

Situated at The Strength Club Gym, we deliver Strongman styled Boot Camp Exercise Sessions with Functional Training. This is just pure exercise, no shooting, no aiming. Just sweat and breathe!

Start Shooting


Night-Shoot Challenges

Time: Wednesdays

5pm – 9:30pm

Other Challenges Include iCombat Laser Tag

1. Capture the Flag – R200 per 45 Minutes

2. Shoot-Off – R200 per 45 Minutes


Booking is Essential

Shooting Drills/Range Booking

Time: Fridays

7pm – 9:30pm

  1. R200 per 1 hour
  2. R100 – R250 per 2 hours


Time: Fridays

4pm – 6pm


9am – 1pm

R180 per 45 Minutes


Booking is Essential


You Get:

  • 8 total Sessions per Month
  • 45 Minute – 1 hour ie. Booking Dependent 
  • Ammo and Guns Provided for Rental
  • R1200 per person
  1. Can Accommodate 6 People Max Per Session
  2. Confirmation of Full Payment Prior
  3. 24 hour cancellation notice needed

Come 15 Minutes Prior for Briefing and Warm-Ups

You Get:

  • R180 + per booking
  • Ammo and Guns Provided
  • 45 Minute – 1 hour ie. Booking Dependent 
  • Depending on Booking
  1. Can Accommodate 6 People Max Per Session
  2. We may add you to another existing group as a walk-in.
  3. Confirmation of Full Payment Prior
  4. 24 hour cancellation notice

Come 15 Minutes Prior for Briefing and Warm-Ups

You Get:

Please Contact us for a quote

  • Ammo + Guns
  • Shooting Drills
  • Guided Instruction
  • Optional Food Platters with optional extra Drink Purchases on site.
  • 10 minimum people per Event
  • iCombat Laser Tag with StressX Shock Belt option

You Get:

Please Contact for Quotation

Same Principles Apply to Corporate Event

Disclaimer: Minimum age of 12 years

Contact for Quotation and Event Coordination

You Get:

  • Expert Guided Instruction
  • Shooting Drills
  • Self Defence Drills
  • Airsoft & iCombat Laser Tag Use
  • Ammo Provided

We offer Drone Footage, GoPro Angles with live edited collages just for you to capture your training experiences!

Contact us for more Prices:

  • Axe Throwing

  • MMA Training

  • Knife Throwing

Coming Soon!!!

  1. Learn the Correct Methods of Shooting Various Weapons and Weapon Handling from our On-Site Experts

  2. Have a Completely Unique Range Experience Every Time!

  3. Totally Unique Range Experiences

  4. Team Building

  5. Confidence

  6. Fitness and Health

  7. Our 3 Instructors, with a Combined Experience of Over 50 Years, will Guide you Through Each Challenge/Course.

Team Members

We offer expertise in Physical and Tactical Training. With over 50 years of collective experience in Boot Camp, Self Defense and Firearm Training. 
1. Boot Camp Instructor – Michael Searles
2. Instructor – Haden Searles
3. Instructor – Greg Kidgell

Weapons of Choice

Q. Will we shoot at each other?

A. No, we shoot at targets, reactive and non reactive via barricades, combined with exercises.

Q. How much running will I do?

A. It depends on the course and on your fitness levels. The Fitness course is flexible to your wants, athleticism and needs.

Q. How long is a session?

A. Generally 30 min

Q. Do we shoot with live firearms?

A. No, we use Airsoft and I Combat Laser Tag guns.

Q. What are the different options?

A. We do a Shooting only option, a Bootcamp only, Bootcamp with Shooting and a Tactical Training Package.